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Ferndale Police Partnership

I worked closely with city, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as the public and key nonprofits on the Police Data Initiative.

HP Content Strategy

I developed a content strategy that regularly reached 5+ million readers in the US and Canada.

Google Wallet Research

I conducted user experience research on Google Wallet for the Google Consumer Payments Team.

City of Chicago Design

I consulted with the City of Chicago and its vendors to ensure the upcoming 311 redesign puts citizen needs first.

FCC Training Program

I scoped and led the content development, including training and testing apps, for Whirlpool Corporation.

BailAssist Prototype

I developed BailAssist as part of my involvement with the broader White House Police Data Initiative.

GitHub Repos

My self-initiated coding projects include a publishing house macro collection and American cabinet appointments.

6th Sense Publication

I distilled hundreds of pages of technical documents into this sleek and simple guide.